Travel information

Direct flights to Vladivostok carried out a number of Asian countries: South Korea, China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam.

Sheremetyevo International Airport (Moscow, Russia) and Incheon International Airport (Seoul, Republic of Korea) are the most convenient for connected flights.

Travel from the West Coast of USA and Canada, Australia or certain countries of Southeast Asia may be the most comfortable with a transfer in Seoul.

Travel from Europe, the East Coast of USA and Canada, Near East, certain countries of Central and South Asia or Africa may be the most comfortable with a transfer in Moscow.

Direct flights to Moscow are carried out every day from the capitals of most countries. Every day several flights on comfortable wide-body jetliners Boeing 777 and Airbus A330 carried out from Moscow to Vladivostok.

According to the opinion of the FOB organizers, the company «Aeroflot» provides the widest range of options for passengers and the highest level of service.

FOB organizers provide transfer of all participants from the airport to accommodation place. The trip from the airport to FEFU campus takes about 45 minutes.

Foreign participants may need a visa to visit Russia